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A buyer’s agent can be with you every step of the way through the buying process, or provide advice at any stage in between.  They use their experience, industry knowledge, professional relationships and research tools to help you make unemotional, informed decisions, to get you into the right property sooner.

Investors are all about the numbers and a buyer’s agent can help you crunch them. Whether the goal is for capital growth, income or both, a buyer’s agent can tailor your search to find A-grade properties that have a greater chance of giving you a positive return over the long term.  With industry contacts and knowledge, they can also provide advice on rental return, tenant suitability and development potential while also making the transition from purchase to leasing seamless. A buyer’s agent is most valuable when you are buying sight unseen or in an area you are not familiar with.

There is a familiar statement that says that there are 3 currencies in life…. time, knowledge and money.  When purchasing a property, a buyer’s agent adds value with all 3. They can save you valuable time that could be spent with family, friends or in your own business.  They can provide valuable knowledge about a property or area that you would not have discovered otherwise, preventing you from possibly making costly mistakes and giving you peace of mind with your purchase decisions.  They can also save you money by preventing you from overpaying due to either emotional decision making or not having information on comparable sales, the market conditions or the agents negotiating style.